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Cleaning Your Shotgun Ready for Clay Pigeon Shooting

05 Dec 2019

Keeping your shotgun looking shiny and new ready for your next session of clay pigeon shooting at East Midlands Clay Sports is definitely a worthwhile exercise.
While some people like to give their guns to a proficient gunsmith to clean, you may wish to have a go yourself. If you are one of these people, keep on reading for our handy guide to cleaning your shotgun.

Gun Cleaning Safety Check List

Before we begin cleaning, you will need to carry out the following tasks:

1. Make sure your shotgun is unloaded before cleaning
2. Clear away all ammunition from around you
3. Open the chamber for safety
4. Keep your choke inserts in place, as this ensures there is no dirt, grime or other substance that can get into your barrel threads. This would cause issues when you try to install chokes in the future and cause misfiring plus other issues.
5. As the weather starts to get colder, this can cause condensation to form on the inside of your barrels, which combined with rain can cause issues for your gun. This is why it’s critical to let your gun dry naturally away from a direct source of heat.

Your 8 Step Guide to Shotgun Cleaning

1. Take Your Firearm apart
2. Use your shotgun cleaning kit, using cleaning patches to remove the worst debris from each barrel
3. Use the shotgun cleaning rod and wire brush to thoroughly clean each barrel
4. Clean the barrels again using a cleaning rod and a cotton patch or the soft brush
5. Change the patch or use a second soft brush, applying a small amount of gun oil and push this through each barrel, leaving a very thin layer of oil on the inside to keep rust at bay.
6. For the action body, it is a similar process with a lightly oiled cotton patch to clean the face of the action body. Use a toothbrush to clean around the barrel release mechanism and triggers as this is where powder residues and general dirt can build up.
7. Gently apply lubrication to the forend iron of the barrel and relative hooks
8. If you store your gun assembled in a cabinet, then reassemble it and wipe it all over with a lightly oiled cloth and hold the gun with the cloth while you put it away to ensure the whole gun retains its lightly oiled finish.
9. Now you are ready for your next clay pigeon shooting session, remove any excess oil before use and you will be ready for action!

Ready for Clay Pigeon Shooting? Get in Touch

If you follow our cleaning guide your shotgun will look like brand new ready for another shooting session. Contact us today to get booked in for your next visit to East Midlands Clay Sports.