Clay Pigeon Shooting Lessons in Nottingham

At East Midlands Clay Sports we can offer have a go lesson for the complete beginner, either individually or in small groups, all equipment is provided.

Or for the more experienced shooter, we offer individually tailored lessons.

You will be introduced to your instructor who will discuss what you wish to get out of your lesson.

Price of our Shooting Lessons:

  • 1 Hour instruction – Own equipment (doesn’t include clays or cartridges) £40/hour
  • Additional hours on the same day – £35/hour
  • Gun fit £40/ hour doesn’t include pattern sheets, clays and cartridges

Whether you are a beginner or a more experienced shot why not improve your skills with a shooting lesson.

At East Midlands Clay Sports Club, we cater clay shooting for shooters of all skills. Regardless of whether this is your first-time handling firearms or if you’ve had previous experience, our instructors will make you feel comfortable and confident to take aim, and enjoying your day.

clay pigeon shooting

clay pigeon shooting nottingham

Clay pigeon shooting in Nottingham

Beginner’s Guide to Clay Pigeon Shooting in Nottingham

Our experienced group of instructors will guide you through the etiquette for clay pigeon shooting and make sure you have the best experience possible. They will teach you how to hold, load and hit clay targets.

Here are five great tips for beginners –

Determine your Dominant Eye – Some right-handed people find their left eye is more dominant when shooting.
Mounting the Gun Correctly – Mounting your gun correctly will make sure you hit more clay pigeons.

Maintain a Strong Standing Position – Having a comfortable and strong standing position will also improve your accuracy.
Bring Your Head to the Shotgun – This means you will be able to see down the barrel of the gun which improves your aim.
Keep Calm When Firing – Make sure your gun follows your eyes once the clay pigeon is released and you will definitely hit more than you miss.

Get in Touch for Clay Pigeon Shooting Lessons

For more information about our clay pigeon shooting lessons in Nottingham and Derby, please do not hesitate to get in touch. In addition to the shooting lessons, we have gift vouchers available.

Please note that all lessons must be pre-booked.