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First Time Shooter Advice for Clay Shooting in Leicestershire

26 Jun 2019

East Midlands Clay Sports is the premier destination for people who want to give clay shooting in Leicestershire a shot for the first time.
Our comprehensive service gives you everything you need for the perfect introduction to clay pigeon shooting, including shotgun hire and expert guidance from our team of instructors.
If you are looking to make clay shooting your next hobby, you can also consider investing in your own shotgun.

Here we are going to look at the types of shotguns you can buy and some of their benefits.

Choosing Shotguns for Clay Shooting in Leicestershire

There are four many types of shotguns used for clay pigeon shooting –

Side-by-Side – Considered the traditional style shooter, they will typically have two triggers to operate each barrel and an auto safety.
Over-and-Under – This is the most popular configuration and is considered more versatile suited for all types of situations; including clay pigeon shooting!
Semi-Automatic – Differentiated from side-by-side and over-and-under models because they have one barrel with the second cartridge being fed from a ‘magazine’ into the barrel immediately after the first cartridge has been fired.
Pump-Action – Pump action shotguns aren’t generally considered for clay pigeon shooting and usually attract experienced shooters instead of beginners.

If you are considering buying your own gun to go clay pigeon shooting just remember you will need to apply for a shotgun licence from the Police.
Here at East Midlands Clay Sports, we ensure all of our visitors and members are safe by following our basic set of Ground Rules.

You don’t have to be a member to try clay shooting but if you’re planning on coming regularly you can save money with a membership.
These run for 12 months and cost £35 for new members and £30 for renewals.

Clay Shooting in Leicestershire at East Midlands Clay Sports

For over 20 years East Midlands Clay Sports has been the leading destination for friends, businesses plus stag and hen parties wanting to try clay shooting in Leicestershire.
If you’d like to know more about our shooting packages please get in touch today.