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Practice Makes Perfect Clay Pigeon Shooting in Nottingham

05 Jun 2019

If you’re considering clay pigeon shooting in Nottingham for the first time, East Midlands Clay Sports is the only destination for you.
We have a rich track record of turning beginners into competent and confident shooters within a handful of lessons.
Clay shooting is one of the best outdoor activities businesses, families, friends and parties (including stag and hen do’s) whether you’re looking for a new hobby or just a new weekend activity.

Five Tips for Clay Pigeon Shooting Beginners

Here are our five essential bits of advice for people coming to East Midlands Clay Sports for the first time –

1. Determine Your Dominant Eye – This is something you will need to determine before you even think about picking up a gun. The reason this is important is that some right-handed people will shoot left-handed because their left eye is their most dominant and vice versa. The way to figure this out is by pointing at an object across the room, then close your left eye and if you can still see the object at the end of your finger, you’re right eye dominant.
2. Mounting the Gun Correctly – Holding your gun in the correct manner ensures you can shoot comfortably and accurately. Our highly skilled instructors will spend as much time with you as required to comfortably mount the gun on your shoulder. You have a groove just inside your shoulder joint which is where the butt of the shotgun sits. By holding the gun tightly this will prevent any injury when the shotgun fires. Now place your front hand down as far down the barrel as you can whilst retaining flexibility which gives you better stability.
3. Strong Standing Position – The best way to maintain your accuracy shot after shot is getting your feet in the right position and hold your body correctly. Have both feet facing down the range with one foot in front of the other with the farthest foot forward on the opposite side to your trigger finger.
4. Bring Your Head to the Shotgun – By bringing your head down to the shotgun while maintaining your posture you should be able to see right down the barrel with clear visibility of the bead. If you’re unsure about correct positioning simply ask one of our instructors.
5. Keep Steady and Calm While Firing – The trick to hitting your clay comes down to your positioning and not delaying our shot. Follow your clay as it comes out of the trap keeping your eye down the barrel of the gun and keep the bead at the end of your gun inline. As the clay disappears out of site below or across your sight squeeze the trigger. Another handy tip is to shoot at the clay pigeon as it rises.

The Home of Clay Pigeon Shooting in Nottingham

East Midlands Clay Sports is the home of clay pigeon shooting in Nottingham, with our owners having over 20 years of shooting experience.
If you’d like to know more about our clay shooting lessons, gift vouchers and stag and hen parties please get in touch today.