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Perfecting Your Gun Mount Technique for Beginners

17 Apr 2020

It is of vital importance to mount a shotgun correctly when taking on a session of clay pigeon shooting, otherwise, you will miss more than you hit your targets.

Here at East Midlands Clay Sports, we have a unique mix of experienced and also beginner shooters come to our shooting grounds. Our team of qualified instructors are more than happy to guide beginners but we have also put together this guide to help you perfect your gun mount technique.

The Importance of Rear Sight

It is crucial that your eye becomes your rear sight and the same as the rifle’s position. Too high and you will shoot over your target and if off-centre to the left or right you will miss to the side.

The position of your eye is determined by the shape of the stock and how you bring it to your face when mounting the gun.

A Trusted Instructors Seal of Approval

The importance of bringing the stock into the angle of your cheek, time after time, is what is important. Your eye needs to be looking straight along the rib and past the bead to the target.

East Midlands Clay Sports’ instructors will check this by looking along the rib from the muzzle end to check where your eye is positioned. This process can look very dangerous, but it is standard practice and we will always enforce the strictest safety rules.

The instructor will open the gun first, check barrels are clear then close it. Next, the instructor will indicate one of their eyes and ask you to mount the gun to point towards that eye. When looking down the barrels, they can immediately see if your eye is properly aligned with the rib.

The pupil of your eye needs to be precisely in line left-to-right and sitting slightly above the rib vertically. If you mount your gun like that you will shoot where you are looking and have a better chance of hitting your clay pigeon targets.

Our instructor will observe other aspects of your gun mount too, as they will want to see your head is held straight, not tilted over sideways which pushes your cheek down onto the comb. Your hand needs to be comfortable around the grip, without the wrist uncomfortably cocked or your elbow awkwardly high.

The butt of the stock should fall into the ‘pocket’ of your shoulder and not be mounted on the shoulder joint itself or on the upper part of the arm.

Considering the vertical position of the butt, this needs to be in full contact with your body from ‘heel’ to the ‘toe’.

Getting the Right Gun For You

It is not feasible to think about gun mount without considering what gun will suit you. We are all different body shapes and while permutations are endless you should look at getting a reasonable fit for you. Remember, this can be altered by an expert, if necessary.

A lot of guns come with an adjustable comb which can be raised, lowered and moved left and right by simply loosening a bolt in the back of the stock. Some models also have interchangeable butt-pads or spacers of different sizes which allow you to alter the length of the stock.

All of these qualities allow you to ensure your gun and mount work together well.

Practice makes perfect, so keep on trying these methods and you will develop a ‘muscle memory’ that provides a consistent mount. This is one of the fundamentals of consistently quality clay pigeon shooting.

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