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Your Gun Cleaning Guide

17 Feb 2020

If you own your own gun for clay pigeon shooting it pays to spend a bit more time on the right product.
For our latest blog, we are going to share some handy tips about cleaning your gun ready for your next shooting session.

Choosing the Best Gun Oil

It is worth paying extra attention to the different premiums attached to oils and solvents that are sold specifically for use on guns. You need to ask yourself if gun oil is any better than any other oil you can pick up in your everyday hardware shop.
It is necessary to take a closer look at what gun-cleaning chemicals are required to do and their contents to help them to do it.
Shotguns are essentially a pair of metal pipes, with ejectors, cocking springs and a trigger which moves a few millimetres with a limited amount of metal-on-metal friction at quite low temperatures.

Your gun has a large surface area plus it is regularly exposed to wind and rain which conspires to produce rust, which can be the biggest danger to your gun.
Many general-purpose oils have a very high slip coefficient and are designed for use in cars, bikes and aeroplanes but have little practical application for shotguns.

Should I Use WD-40 for Cleaning my Gun?

WD-40 was one of the first general-purpose lubricants to appear in aerosol cans back in the 1950s, which has led to some people using it to clean and oil their guns. Doing this regularly can actually result in serious damage.
Although the formulation of WD-40 effectively drives out contaminants and moisture plus it stripes away other oils and greases.

Using Purpose-Made Gun Oils

The majority of purpose-made gun oils have a light, pure mineral base plus they are designed to be sympathetic to the oil finish on wooden stocks. A lot of products are now available as two-in-one cleaners and lubricants which means the spray contains a solvent to remove plastic fouling and powder build-up. For dual-action products, the solvent evaporates and leaves the oil behind to protect your shotgun against rust.

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