Clay Shooting Disciplines

Clay pigeon shooting has at least 20 different forms of regulated competition known as disciplines, although most can be grouped under the main headings of trap, skeet, and sporting. Take a look at the forms of disciplines we offer here at East Midlands Clay Sports Club

English Sporting

English Sporting first started in England in the early 20th Century, it has become the most popular form of clay shooting and is now shot all over the World. Clay targets are presented to the shooter in ways that mirror the flight pattern of game birds and provides a shooting environment that offers different layouts and a constant challenge.

The shooting course is laid out in stands or stations. On each stand, clays are thrown in pairs, either simultaneously, on report or following and generally in three to five pairs per stand. A course consists of numerous stands, where 100 birds or more may be presented. The course setter can use any type of clay and with a variation of speed, angle and distance can make a shoot as enjoyable and testing as possible.

English Skeet

Each round of English Skeet consists of 25 targets made up from a mixture of single targets and pairs (doubles), with one shot allowed at each target. A simple points system is used for scoring with a single point awarded for each hit. The shooter may stand with the gun down or pre-mounted before they call for targets which are released immediately upon their call.

English Skeet requires two fixed traps set in ‘Skeet Houses’. The ‘High House’ throws targets from 3m above ground level and the ‘Low House’ throws them from 1m above ground level.

Compak Sporting

Compak Sporting is a compact version of clay pigeon shooting and incredibly exciting sport that is ideal for those with an interest in shooting. Compak Sporting is a great discipline for beginners, as it gives you lots of targets to break. It also teaches the art of concentration on the shooting circuit, allowing you to move up the ranks until you are ready to tackle some of the more difficult shooting activities we have available.  A round of Compak Sporting usually consists of 25 targets. There are five firing positions and the targets rise at a constant angle. However, the targets are fired randomly across the horizontal plane, ensuring you’re kept on your toes at all times!  We have a permanent Compak Sporting setup available throughout the year, comprising an array of challenging sporting targets for all levels of shooting ability. We regularly tweak and change the targets to ensure plenty of variation!

Automatic Ball Trap (ABT)

Automatic Ball Trap (ABT) is the second most popular trap discipline in the UK. An ABT squad consists of six-shooters. Only one target is taken at each stand before moving to the right for the next target. Two shots are allowed at each target. There are five stands with a waiting position for the sixth shooter.  Targets are thrown away from the shooters on random trajectories from a single trap in front of the centre stand.

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clay pigeon shooting in nottingham

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