Clay Pigeon Shooting for Corporate Days Out

If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”

A company or business is only as good as their people. Clay pigeon shooting in Nottingham is a great way to bring your team together as well as bringing out the best in each other. Through shooting, you’ll develop numerous skills such as leadership, planning, communication, teamwork and a drive to win.

Clay pigeon shooting is a great way to reward staff for all their hard work! Not only that it allows the employees to blow off some steam.

Whether you are looking for team building activities with your employees, a fun day for customers or perhaps just a family fun day out, East Midlands Clay Sports can arrange an event to suit your needs.


Clay Pigeon Shooting is Perfect Company for Workers

If you’re planning on a day of clay pigeon shooting for your employees, here are a few ways it will benefit them and your company –

Smash Creative Blocks – Taking on a fresh challenge like clay shooting could smash any creative barriers you’ve had and improve productivity on your return to work.
Improve Organisational Skills – Giving one of your team the task of organising your away day to East Midlands Clay Sports gives one of your team the perfect opportunity to hone their organising skills.
Create New Friendships – If you work in a big team and don’t get too much chance to mingle with other departments, taking everyone out for the day could be the perfect remedy. People who don’t spend too much time together have the opportunity to strike up bonds and create new friendships that will only improve the camaraderie of your workforce.
Unleash Competitive Streaks – Clay pigeon shooting is a great way to discover who has a competitive streak amongst your colleagues. For the winners of the day, it will also give them the bragging rights and if it proves popular you can always book another trip soon!
Valued Employees Work Harder – We all want to work for a company that recognises the hard work of its staff plus they know how to enjoy themselves. Studies have revealed that companies with engaged employees earn two and a half times more than their low engagement counterparts. Engagement activities such as clay pigeon shooting also keep staff around with the same research showing that they are 87% less likely to leave.

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Get in touch to Book your Corporate Clay Pigeon Shooting in Nottingham

Refreshments and breakfast rolls can be provided on arrival and we will provide everything you need for your clay pigeon shooting: Guns, Cartridges, Clays, Safety equipment and our qualified Instructors will look after you throughout your day. Don’t worry about your level of experience; we can cater to people who have never used a gun before through to the most experienced shooter.

If you would like to book a corporate day of clay pigeon shooting in Nottingham, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Don’t forget we also have plenty of parties from other parts of the East Midlands including Derby and Leicestershire.