So you’ve decided to try clay pigeon shooting but aren’t sure what to wear and what to bring.
The simple is to wear something comfortable and just bring yourself plus we provide any equipment required for a great first shooting experience. This includes a shotgun, cartridges plus basic ear and eye protection.

If you’re coming along for an introductory lesson you can wear casual clothes with some of our shooters wearing trainers, jeans and a t-shirt in the summer. If the weather isn’t great you might want to add a fleece or jumper, boots and a waterproof coat.
Our instructors will issue you with basic safety gear such as eye and ear protection and a peaked cap.

Here at East Midlands Clay Sports, we pride ourselves on making clay pigeon shooting the safety sport, which is why we’ve drawn up some basic Ground Rules for everyone who takes part.

What We Provide for Clay Pigeon Shooting

Now that we’ve got you sorted for your first-time clay pigeon shooting, here is some more information on the equipment we provide –

The Gun – Clay targets are usually shot with a shotgun known as an ‘over and under’ which features two barrels arranged one above the other.
Cartridges – Shotgun cartridges consist of a plastic tube that contains powder, wadding and shot. At one end there is a metalhead with the ‘primer’ cap in the centre. When you pull the trigger the firing pin hits this primer to fire the cartridge.
Shotguns don’t fire a single bullet like a rifle; each cartridge contains around 300 small round pellets or ‘shot’, which flies toward the target in a small cloud known as the ‘pattern’.
Clay Targets – Your targets have a number of names such as ‘clays’ or sometimes ‘clay pigeons’ although they aren’t actually bird-shaped or made of clay. Modern-day targets are made from pitch and limestone, shaped like an upside-down saucer and are manufactured to standard dimensions of size and weight. The targets have to be strong enough to withstand being thrown by the mechanical launcher (known as a trap) but brittle enough to break apart when hit.
The Trap – Clay targets are launched by a device called the trap. In years gone by traps were hand-operated but today this is all done by electricity. Clays are stacked in a carousel which feeds the targets one at a time onto a launching plate. At the press of a button, a spring-loaded throwing arm propels the clay spinning through the air. While you are trying to hit the clay, an electric motor re-cocks the arm and drops another clay into position ready for the next press of the button. This takes just a second or two, so when our instructor feels you are ready, you can attempt shooting targets in quick succession!

Traps can be moved and are adjustable for height, speed and angle which allows our team to set up a variety of interesting and challenging targets. There are two special types of trap for throwing ‘rabbit’ targets and side-on ‘loopers’.

The rabbit target originates from simulating a wild rabbit along the ground and uses a special rabbit clay. Loopers are designed for more experienced shooters, with targets travelling in a looped formation making them harder to hit.

clay pigeon shooting in nottingham

Book the Best Clay Pigeon Shooting in Nottingham

Our grounds have been the leading destination for shooting experiences for over 20 years plus we are based just off Junction 1 of the A50 between Nottingham and Derby!

If you are considering taking on clay pigeon shooting for the first time, please get in touch today and we will give you the perfect introduction to shooting in the East Midlands.

We also cater for occasions such as birthdays, stag and hen parties and corporate shooting away days which are the perfect way to raise your team’s morale.