clay shooting in leicestershire

Clay Shooting in Leicestershire Builds Team Morale

06 Apr 2019

Clay shooting in Leicestershire at East Midlands Clay Sports is the perfect way to boost the morale of your workforce.
We live such busy lives, so the opportunity to get out of the office for a day and enjoy the stunning surroundings of Sawley between Derby and Nottingham can’t be passed up.
There are parallels between your job and clay shooting; as both can be competitive as well as having a good aim for smashing targets.

Improve Your Business with Clay Shooting in Leicestershire

Here we are going to look at some of the ways this sort of team building day will transform your business –

Break barriers to creativity
Clearing your mind and taking on the fresh challenge of clay shooting could smash any creative blocks you may have had – and help improve productivity on your return to work.
Improve organising skills
Giving a member of your team the task of organising clay shooting in Leicestershire at East Midlands Clay Sports is the perfect opportunity to improve their organising skills.
Whilst booking with us couldn’t be easier, you may need transport to get you here and home at the end of your session and giving this to one of your team will test how well they can organise an event.
Away Day Could Create Friendships
If you work in a large team and don’t get the chance to mingle with some staff members, taking everyone out for the day gives people who don’t spend much time together in the workplace to strike up bonds and potential friendships that will only improve the camaraderie amongst your team
Unleash Competitive Streaks
Clay shooting is a great way to find a competitive streak among your team and give your colleagues something fun to talk about with someone taking home the bragging rights. Plus if it proves a hit you can always look at making it an annual event.
Make Employees Feel Valued
Everyone wants to work at a company that is fun and recognises the hard work of its employees. Studies have also shown companies with engaged employees earn two and a half times more than their low engagement counterparts. Engagement also keeps staff around, with the same research showing that they are 87% less likely to move on.

Book Clay Shooting in Leicestershire Today

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