About our Clay Pigeon Shooting in Nottingham

Clay pigeon shooting in Nottingham is a great experience for men, women and children. Not just a man’s sport. We’ve had countless men, women and children take aim and have a great day out, with many of them surprising themselves at how good they are.

Whether it’s your first time or had shooting experience our experienced and trained gun handlers will make you feel at ease. Our experts will help you with the stance, grip, aim, jargon as well as passing on all the necessary tips and tricks to ensure you have the best day possible. Once you’re comfortable, take aim and fire.

At East Midlands Clay Sports we have several disciplines, 2 Skeet ranges, an ABT range, various sporting stands and Compak.

Our automatic traps work on the Promatic Clay mate system which allows you to choose what you want to shoot and when including the delay option which will allow shotgun license holders to shoot by themselves.




Different Types of Clay Pigeon Shooting in Nottingham

Here at East Midlands Clay Sports, we offer four different types of clay pigeon shooting with the finest instructors in Nottinghamshire to provide any support you need.

English Sporting – English Sporting clays began in the early 20th century in England and has since become one of the most popular forms of clay shooting all over the world. Targets are presented to the shooter to mirror the pattern of game birds giving them a constant challenge to hit their targets.

English Skeet – This discipline consists of 25 targets made up from single targets and pairs (doubles), with one shot allowed at each target. The shooter will stand with the gun down or pre-mounted before they call for targets that are released immediately on their call.

Compak Shooting – Perfect for beginners this is considered a compact version of clay pigeon shooting. Teaching the art of concentration for the shooting circuit this discipline consists of 25 targets with five firing positions with targets rising at a constant angle.

Automatic Ball Trap (ABT) – The second most popular trap discipline in the UK, an automatic ball trap consists of six-shooters. One target is taken at each stand then moving to the right for the next one with two shots allowed at each target.

Come and Try Clay Pigeon Shooting in Nottingham

There is something so satisfying about hitting a clay pigeon and smashing it into a million pieces. So, if you would like to try clay pigeon shooting in Nottingham do not hesitate and come and have a go. You never know you might be a natural and have found your new hobby.

If you would like to know more about our group packages, corporate packages, stag and hen parties or to arrange lessons, get in touch with us today.

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