clay pigeon shooting - New Year's Resolutions

Make Clay Pigeon Shooting Your New Year’s Resolution

18 Dec 2019

With 2020 just a couple of weeks away, it’s time to start to think about those dreaded New Year’s Resolutions.

Now whilst many people are believed to give up on theirs within a few days; we’ve got one resolution you won’t break – trying clay pigeon shooting for the first time!
The beauty of this sort of hobby is that it checks plenty of typical resolution boxes and gives you a new and exciting activity to get your teeth into.

Shooting for Success in 2020

Think about it, you will be –

Getting plenty of fresh air – A visit to East Midlands Clay Sports means you can take in some of the glorious Derbyshire countrysides here in Sawley.
Regular exercise – Clay shooting gets you out of the house and gives you a different kind of exercise that works different parts of the body
Spending more time with family and friends – Reconnecting with old friends or parts of your family with an activity is a New Year’s Resolution worth keeping
Having a digital detox – Clay pigeon shooting lessons will get you away from your mobile and tablets, which is perfect for a digital detox in 2020
Reducing stress – Getting more vitamin D in your system from being outdoors in the sunshine helps reduce stress, with clay shooting the perfect release of pent up stress
Learn something new – We say a lot that we would like to learn something new but by trying clay pigeon shooting you will add a unique branch to your personality that you can share with friends and family
Making the most of life – Leading on from the previous point, life is for living and we couldn’t think of a better way to spend a day off than at our base at East Midlands Clay Sports hitting your life goals and feeling good

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