clay pigeon shooting

Clay Pigeon Shooting, a Hobby for Everyone

10 Jan 2020

Shooting has been an Olympic sport since the first modern games way back in 1896, with a proud history of providing intrigue and drama.

With a vast array of disciplines, encompassing various guns, targets and distances, maybe 2020 is the year you should pull the trigger and give clay pigeon shooting a try?

Choose Your Discipline at our Shooting Ground

Here at East Midlands Clay Sports, we offer four different disciplines at our shooting grounds in Sawley, Nottingham, including:

English Sporting – This is the most popular form of clay pigeon shooting all over the world. Clay targets are presented to shooters in ways that mirror the flight pattern of game birds with shooting environments that offer different layouts and a constant challenge.
English Skeet – Each round consists of 25 targets made up from a mixture of single targets and pairs (doubles), with one shot on each target allowed. The simple points system includes awarding a single point for each hit. The shooter can choose to stand with the gun down or pre-mounted before they call for targets which are then released immediately.
Compak Sporting – Considered a compact version of clay pigeon shooting; this discipline is ideal for beginners interested in shooting. This gives you lots of targets to break plus it teaches the art of concentration on the shooting circuit. East Midlands Clay Sports have a permanent Compak Sporting set up all year round, which compromises an array of challenging targets for all levels of shooter.
Automatic Ball Trap (ABT) – Automatic Ball Trap is the second most popular trap discipline across the country, with an ABT squad consisting of six-shooters. Only one target is taken at each stand before moving to the right for next target; with two shots allowed at each target.

5 Reasons You Should Try Clay Shooting

If you need a slight nudge to convince you to give clay shooting a try, here are five reasons to consider –

• If strength and fitness aren’t your forte, clay pigeon shooting is a real test of self-control and requires composure and enormous skill, so this could be the hobby for you.
• Shooting is for anyone, as long as you can pull the trigger!
• Shooting grounds (such as East Midlands Clay Sports) offer beginners sessions where you can borrow our equipment and decide if this is the sport for you.
• If you want to go to the next level, British Shooting offers a clear talent pathway for shooters who want this to become more than a hobby.
• Clay pigeon shooting can be enjoyed by the entire family, with our experienced instructors able to guide budding shooters into seasoned pros.

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