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Analyse Your Clay Pigeon Shooting Performance

01 Oct 2019

If you have recently taken up clay pigeon shooting as a hobby, it can be hard to know the best way to analyse your performance.
The most common way to summarise whether it has been a good shooting session is to simply look at how many targets you hit. Once your session has finished you can also quiz one of our expert instructors here at East Midlands Clay Sports on tips to improve your hit rate.

You could consider keeping a diary of your shooting session and then once it’s over you can reflect on how it went and also start to spot emerging patterns and begin tweaking your style (if required).

It’s important to consider our thought process as we get ready to start shooting, what goes through our minds as we pull the trigger?
Are you missing the same clay pigeon in the cycle each time?
Are you nervous before shooting or in a good mood?

Reflecting on our performance will only improve our knowledge of how we approach clay pigeon shooting from a practical and mental point of view.
Practice does make perfect though, so the only way to improve your clay pigeon shooting is to get back on the course and get pulling that trigger!

Know Your Disciplines

East Midlands Clay Sports offer four different types of disciplines for clay pigeon shooting –

• English Sporting
• English Skeet
• Compak Shooting
• Automatic Ball Trap (ABT)

We regularly host birthday, stag and hen do parties plus corporate away days, that is great for team building and morale.
If you’d be interested in a membership at East Midlands Clay Sports, our prices are as follows –
• £35 for a New Member
• £30 for a renewal
• Non-members are always welcome at East Midlands Clay Sports

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